Trick or Treat?!

This is no trick!  Today, we are opening up the artifact storage collection to show you these Halloween-centric treats!  Which is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments!

The eyes, nose, and mouth of this orange paper pumpkin say, “Even the Great Pumpkin is Voting Nixon-Agnew.” The cartoon “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” first aired in 1966, two years before Nixon’s first Presidential campaign. The pumpkin has a circle on the top that could be used to hang it from a doorknob.
Courtesy Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum
This plastic mask of the likeness of Gerald R. Ford features fleshy, peach-colored skin with brown eyebrows and eyelids.  The irises of the mask are gray and the retinas are white.  The mask also has pink lips and white teeth.
Courtesy Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum
Al Liederman created this original cartoon, entitled “Finding it Hard to Concentrate?” The cartoon, dated 10-31-1975, features a hunched-over President Ford seated at his desk, reading a book titled “How to Beat the Democrats in ‘76.”  Behind Ford, visible through the window, is a pumpkin with “Reagan” carved into its grin.
Courtesy Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum
This Boy Scout patch has a fall scene stitched on it, which includes a brown wooden fence, two haystacks, and a pumpkin in the foreground.  Text along the outer edges of the patch reads: “Kent District Fall Hike, 2002 – Gerald R. Ford Council BSA (Boy Scouts of America).”
Courtesy Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum
This photograph features five illuminated pumpkins, with “Ford” carved into the mouth of the center pumpkin. The photo showcases a donor’s support for Gerald Ford during Halloween prior to the 1976 presidential election.
Courtesy Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

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Authors: Brooke Clement and Dr. Mirelle Luecke